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Deal Community Sports FC

Deal Community Sports FC Deal Community Sports FC


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Deal Community Sports operates entirely on a voluntary basis, including both the staff and players. Everyone involved does it simply for the love of local football in the community. We’re not ashamed to admit that running the club this way does require a lot of support from our amazing sponsors and the community in general. We are eternally grateful to all those that help and support us - we could not carry on without them!

You can help to provide the young people in your community with the means to take part in sport.

We greatly appreciate all the help we receive, and always go to every effort to give something back in return. Even something as simple as showing up to watch a match and encouraging our teams to do well goes a long way, but if you would like to do more, then please do! Anyone is welcome to offer sponsorship or a donation; not just businesses (more info about sponsoring can be viewed by clicking the “Sponsor us” button). If you wish to donate by another method, please phone the club or send us an email.

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